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Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm EST
? >> technological we haven't had many issues. what is critical for us is educating the consumer about how healthcare works, how health insurance works, and how the tax credits work. because that's what makes somebody a knowledgeable consumer. that's what we want. that's what we need when people come on down site. >> that depends on advertising, promotions and getting people to go to the site in the first place. are the numbers on the connecticut site what you thought would be? >> they are, but what is past is past. we did fine the last couple of months, but we're looking for december to get us up over 60,000 members if we can. because at the end of the year, before the january 1st time frame. so yeah, what's past is hopefu hopefully prologued for us. but december is going to be very busy. >> what is the information that consumers should have on hand when they go to the connecticut website and where do consumers run into trouble with just their own information? >> gee, that's a great question. understanding about your family make up, when i say that, social security numbers, birt
Al Jazeera America
Dec 3, 2013 3:30am EST
alarm yet but avoids financials and technology. >>> many americans do their investing exclusive italy through mutual funds and retirement plans and some of them are increasingly worried that 401s will not carry them through retirement. some are moving through funds in rand out like a trader buys and sells stocks. this is getting a thumbs up from some investors but a thumbs down from financial investors who guide money. >> she figures she'd need 4 million to have a financially secure retirement. >> top of my list, china, new zealand, africa, antarctica, i want to be able to go freely and not pinch pennies. >> sandy who does not believe social security will be around has been saving money for nearly 20 years. even though she paid close attention to the markets and actively managed the fund she realized the rate her money was going she wouldn't have enough for her golden years. >> i'm not going to save $4 million out of what i don't spend on food and shelter. it's not going to happen. it has to blow. >> in search of moss growth sandy found the service called horizon. gives clients custom
Al Jazeera America
Dec 7, 2013 7:00pm EST
with the reluctance to adopt these new technologies, physicians say ready or fought, health care is evolving. >> one absolute is that health care is going to be very different five years from now. how it's going to benefit you is largely going to benefit you. that. >> slow and steady wins the race. that's the 401k. strategy. >> i not going to save $4 million. it has to grow. >> we'll look at the pros and cons of short term trading on your long investments. keep it right here. >> a a major u.s. employer is sending a strong message he to potential employees, if you smoke, we don't want you. significant in a announced it will not hire people who test positive for tobacco us. we have more on what some believe could become a trend. >> significant in a is one of the leading insurance companies on the planet. home run telling future employees you cannot work for us if you smoke, chew tobacco or use e. cigarettes. >> on tuesday, the company announced starting january 1, 2014, all perspective employees will not only be tested for drug use, but also nicotine use. >> a nationwide company is go
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3